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First photograph from the NIRSWM unit in circular NIR mode with shear waves.
photograph taken with the GS5FS2

NIRSMW units are in development but we like to go much faster!

Near Infra Red Spinning Magnetic Wave energy (NIRSMW) is absorbed by mitochondria, which perform the function of producing cellular energy called “ATP

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We know that NIRSMW for brain disorders will become one of the most important medical applications in the coming years and decades. Despite the efforts of “Big Pharma”, prescription drugs for psychiatric disorders are not generally regarded very highly (either by the medical profession or by the public), many of these drugs perform little better than placebos in different trials, and can also have major side-effects.

Moreover it is well accepted that with the overall aging of the general population, together with ever lengthening life spans, that dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s diseases will become a global health issue. Even after many years of research, no drug has yet been developed to benefit these neurodegenerative disorders.

Make a donation for the development of inexpensive NIRSMW units and we will promote NIRSMW as a home use device, then we are potentially in a position to benefit large numbers of patients (to say nothing of healthy individuals)

LET’s B 😎

please use BTC address: 3AgxtHXytvswaQ43mpwLm96HVk7xopprg5

When you have made a donation please use the box below, so we can contact you when the NIRSMW units are ready for shipment,
you get a 20% to 100% reduction depending on your donation.