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UAP on the live stream 2024-06-29

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Here is the UAP photograph that I made, click on it to see it even better.

UAP stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, which refers to any perceived airborne, submerged, or transmedium phenomenon that cannot be immediately identified or explained. This term is used to describe objects or events that are not easily classified as man-made or natural, and their nature or cause remains unknown after subsequent scientific analysis.

Key Points:

  • UAP is a broader term that encompasses both natural and man-made phenomena that cannot be identified.
  • The term “UAP” is preferred over “UFO” (Unidentified Flying Object) because it avoids the association with unproven claims of extraterrestrial spacecraft sightings.
  • UAPs can be observed in the atmosphere, underwater, or in other mediums, and can be reported by various sources, including military personnel, civilians, and scientists.
  • Most UAPs are identified as known objects or atmospheric phenomena, while a small number remain unexplained.