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This page get it’s start with the symbol called ouroboros or uroboros,
the ouroboros or uroboros is interpreted as a symbol for eternal cyclic renewal, ORMUS are the elements of renewal.

Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements, also known as ORMUS and the terms ORMEs, M-state materials, exist naturally.

They are trapped in the molecular structure.

Ever wondered what a giant seaweed that floats around in the ocean uses to nourish itself, and it grows many meters every day.

ORMUS is indispensable to life in all its forms.
And play an important role for humans, among other roles they assist in transmission of nerve impulses, balancing other elements to maintain a healthy immune system, assisting in biological processes by exchanging energy through the exchange of electrons.

A great way to describe a deficiency of ORMUS within the body is when a cell has not been programmed well through lack of energy, that cell will simply continue to exist but without fulfilling its proper role. The cell is alive but it just doesn’t know what to do.
Many cells, in one area, not knowing their role is disastrous.
They may eventually form a tumor that could become cancerous! Also, when our body can’t produce new cells (because of a deficiency of ORMUS) we age prematurely or develop other diseases.

ORMUS also have an alkaline balancing effect on the body.
This serves to protect against acids and protects our immune system. Acidosis causes much deterioration to the body and can be the source of ageing, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and degenerative diseases. This we don’t want! If we have the full compliment of energy in our bodies, our immune system can do its job of keeping us healthy.

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