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project phoenix is using ways to kick-start 100 trillion cells to regenerate with a clean cell memory by removing garbage and giving the cell all the energy it needs, in other words there are no limits any more for the body to become healthier and stronger.

humans can regenerate some organs, if part of the liver is lost by disease or injury, the liver grows back to its original size. our skin is constantly being renewed and repaired, many other human tissues don’t regenerate by it self, still every two years all 100 trillion cells in the body are replaced by a new copy of it’s self. by removing the garbage from the old cells the epigenetics changes before a new copy is made (epigenetics are stable heritable traits that cannot be explained by changes in DNA sequence).

epigenetic processes are particularly important when cells are receiving the first instructions that will dictate their future development and specialization.

These processes can also be initiated or disrupted by environmental factors, such as polluted air or water, diet, stress, aging, drugs, pollutants like vaccines, nano-particles and much more.

The gift of a lifetime

Project phoenix is for members only, they are the backbone of the project and will have all the benefits that come out of project phoenix, the course of the program is two years, when you follow the course you will learn how to use the NIRSMW v2.
Get inside information, skills and the experiences that comes with getting a body that is more healthy and strong.

How to become a member please use BTC address: 3AgxtHXytvswaQ43mpwLm96HVk7xopprg5