time does not exist, it’s an illusion created by movement.

If you want to describe precisely when and where something takes place, you need four coordinates: three spatial ones and one temporal one, i.e., time.  Einstein taught us that time is relative for each and every observer, and there’s no such thing as “absolute time”. We go a step further and claim that time is merely a persistent illusion created by movement.

“in the Copenhagen version of quantum mechanics, there is a quantum world and there is a classical world, and a boundary between them: when things become definite. When things that are indefinite in the quantum world become definite. And what they’re trying to say is that is the fundamental thing that happens in nature, when things that are indefinite become definite. And that’s what “now” is. The moment now, the present moment, that all these people say is missing from science and missing from physics, that is the transition from indefinite to definite.”